Your Covid-19 economic impact payment: Q+A

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In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the government is sending out one-time payments to all who are eligible.

  • Most adults will get $1,200
  • Couples will get $2,400
  • Families with children under 16 get an additional $500 per child (16 and under).

If you have NOT received this payment yet (by check, direct deposit or pre-paid card) you may need to take action to receive it.

The fastest way to sign-up for a stimulus payment:

  • Complete this short form on the website.
  • Or if you earned income in 2019, you can still file taxes to receive your stimulus check and other tax credits you have earned. Trained, IRS-certified volunteers will provide tax filing assistance for free to families like yours. Click here to get started.

Have questions? Learn more about how to get your Economic Impact Payments here or call 1-844-322-3639.

Not sure if your payment is coming? Check your status here.

Am I eligible for an economic impact payment?

If you earn under $75,000 as an individual (under $150,000 as a couple), and you have a social security number, you're eligible for the full economic impact payment. If you earn between $75,000 and $99,000 (under $198,000 as a couple), you may be eligible but receive a reduced amount. You can't get a payment if someone claims you as a dependent, even if you're an adult.

Are immigrants eligible?

If you are filing jointly with your spouse and you do not have an Social Security Number (SSN), or your spouse does not have an SSN, then you will not be eligible to receive an economic impact payment. This counts even if your children have valid SSNs. Mixed-immigration status families should talk to a tax professional, in case you need to file separately so that eligible members of your family can receive the economic impact payment.

There is an exception for spouses filing taxes together for a spouse that was in the armed forces in the last tax year. To qualify for the exception, at least one spouse needs to have a valid SSN. Children claimed as dependents for the $500 rebate must have valid SSNs.

Will this count towards Public Charge?

The stimulus payment is a tax credit. Tax credits are NOT taken into account in a public charge determination.

When will I get my economic impact payment?

The IRS has released this tool to check your payment status.

What if my economic impact payment doesn't arrive when it’s supposed to?

You'll get a letter a few weeks after your payment has been sent. The letter will state how the payment was made and let you know how to contact the IRS if you haven’t received it.

Does my economic impact payment count as income or an asset for SNAP?

The economic impact payment doesn’t count as income for SNAP, and it's not taxable either.

The economic impact payment won’t count as an asset for the first 12 months it’s in your bank account. After that point, it could count as an asset. Not all states have asset limits. Contact your local office if you have questions about the asset limit in your state.

Note that the economic impact payment is separate from SNAP, and is NOT distributed on your EBT card.

How has the coronavirus impacted food stamps?

Download Providers or check this article for updates about additional benefits, schedule changes, renewal extensions, and more.

If I have a past-due debt to a federal or state agency or owe back taxes, will my economic impact payment be reduced?

No, the bill turns off nearly all administrative offsets that ordinarily may reduce tax refunds for individuals who have past tax debts, or who are behind on other payments to federal or state governments, including student loan payments. The only administrative offset that will be enforced applies to those who have past due child support payments that the states have reported to the Treasury Department.

I bought a refund transfer or other loan from a tax preparer the last time I filed my taxes. What do I do?

Talk to your tax preparer directly to ensure that you receive your economic impact payment to your own bank account.

Where will the IRS publish official information?

The IRS plans to publish official updates at

Important notes:

  • Some households will receive the economic impact payment on a pre-paid card. The Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Card can be used online, at ATMs, or at any retail location where Visa is accepted.
  • The economic impact payment will NOT come on your EBT card. It will arrive by check or through direct deposit.
  • The official IRS term for this payment is economic impact payment, but you may also see it referred to as stimulus payment, stimulus check, rebate, government check, or coronavirus check.
  • If you have more questions about getting your Economic Impact Payment or need help completing the IRS’s non-filer form, contact the United Way Helpline at 1-844-322-3639.
  • The IRS is not going to call you about this. If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be the IRS, or an email telling you to call the IRS, it's a scam! If you receive a call from a caller stating to be with the IRS but are concerned it might be a scam, hang up and call the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.


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