Providers Tips: DIY skincare

This Fresh Tip comes from LA Davidson in Hawaii. Thanks for using Fresh EBT and sharing your tip, LA!

Can’t afford expensive brand-name cosmetics? Try the DIY Grocery Store Solution!

I received EBT food benefits following the unexpected death of my husband. Desperate for cash, I recycled bottles and took odd jobs. I missed my nightly ritual of washing, toning, and moisturizing my skin, which my husband had treasured as soft and beautiful.

I began researching the benefits of ordinary grocery store purchases applied topically. Did you know that regular caffeinated water such as Avitae, available in the soft drink aisle, makes an excellent toner? Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and spray mist morning and night for tightened pores and minimized sun damage. Then moisturize with organic sesame or grapeseed oil, usually available in the baking aisle, for increased collagen production, reduction of “raccoon eyes,” and fewer apparent wrinkles. I add a whole organic vanilla bean from the spice aisle so the sweet aroma improves my dreams as well as my looks. People will ask you what brand of moisturizer you are using!

It’s a start… I am willing to sacrifice and eat one real meal daily in order to purchase the high-quality nutritious food that will help me live longer. Beauty starts on the inside.

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