Providers Tip from Knorr®: Easy, nutritious, affordable meals for your family

From chicken & vegetables pasta to chicken tacos, Knorr® shares how to make better-for-you recipes for your family!

Need to prepare a simple, nutritious, and budget friendly family meal?

With Knorr products, which start at just $1.00 and can boost flavor to any dish, you can easily prepare delicious and nutritious meals by adding your choice of veggies and lean or plant-based protein. Knorr has a range of chef-created, better-for-you recipes that are affordable and easy to make.

A few favorites can be found below and on Providers:

Knorr believes that nutritious food should be accessible and affordable. Whether it's creating high-quality products, offering simple chef-inspired recipes, or supporting access to healthy foods, Knorr is committed to making good food available to everyone.

Knorr is also partnering with Feeding America® to advocate for more SNAP (food stamp) benefits for American families affected by the pandemic. They are voicing support for SNAP and asking their neighbors and community members to do the same.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on increasing SNAP benefits for families, you can send a message to Congress on the Feeding America® website here.

Enjoy these recipes from Knorr. To share your family meals made with Knorr, tag @Knorr on Instagram!

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