Providers Tips: Bulk-buying and milk-freezing

From freezing milk to having hamburger meat on hand, here are the latest money-saving tips from the Providers community!

From Donna in South Dakota:

Ladies ! Or anyone that does the shopping for your household! When there’s that great price on milk……grab extra and you won’t have to worry it will spoil in the fridge!! You CAN……FREEZE IT!!! YES! YOU CAN FREEZE MILK! BUT BE VIGILANT WHEN THAWING IT!! As it will separate if you don’t keep it in fridge to slowly thaw. You should also shake it up as it thaws out til it’s totally thawed! BUT THE MILK IS GOOD AS IT WAS WHEN YOU GOT IT!!!

From Cindy in Oregon:

I buy hamburger in bulk and cook with onions, peppers, and seasonings, let cool, then package it in pound size increments, then freeze. So, whenever I need it: hamburger helper, spaghetti, etc. it’s ready to go into the recipe already cooked! By adding veggies, you’re adding volume and taste. This helps save valuable time in prep per meal, and kids can easily make meals themselves without cooking meat! Enjoy! XO, CC. 🌹 ☮️

From Catherine in California:

Look at your weekly ads to see what’s on sale. Buy the items that are on sale to make your meals for the month. If the items are really inexpensive, buy freezer bags and store them in the freezer so you can make other dishes throughout the month. I find it easier to shop in larger quantities and separate the family packs of meat. I also buy larger quantities of staples like rice, beans etc…I store them in storage containers and those items get me through 2 months or even a little longer. I go to Costco and buy things like bananas, milk, bread, water and really bargain for more for my money.

Do you have a money-saving tip to share with the Providers community? Send it in!

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