Providers Tips: How to stretch your veggies

Here are a few of the latest (veggie-centric) money-saving tips from the Providers community!

From Anna in Pennsylvania:

When chopping vegetables, onions, carrots, celery, etc. can be put in ice cube trays and frozen for later use in soups, rice, or anything. To make plain rice more interesting, chopped green peppers and onions can be added just before the rice steams.

From Charlene in Pennsylvania:

When making a meal that requires celery or carrots, here’s a good way to cut down on waste. When cutting up your veggies, don’t discard the leafy tops. Put them in a veggie baggie and save for soup. You would be surprised at the amount of flavor you get from those pieces. Great for vegetable stock.

From an anonymous Fresh Tipper:

Freeze left over peeled onions and peppers so they won’t go soft in the refrigerator!

Do you have a money-saving tip to share with the Providers community? Send it in!

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