Providers Tips: Save money by growing and freezing produce

Does your home have a yard or a windowsill? Does your freezer have a bit of space? Then you can start saving some $ by growing and freezing produce!


From Amy M in Michigan:

If you cut the bottoms of your celery, leaf lettuce, green onion you can place the root in water in the window sill and regrow the veggies. This also works for carrot tops, onion sprouts, garlic and ginger, but these veggies need to be planted after they sprout.

From Anna W in Pennsylvania:

Watch videos on growing your own carrots, potatoes, green onion, scallions, green peppers, mustard greens, collard greens, and turnip greens, even watermelon if you have a backyard. If you have limited space you can grow some things in soda bottles inside. With 2 gallon tubs, 5 gallon tubs, you can use stakes to grow vining plants such as tomatoes, squash, peas, on your porch. Watch Home Grown Veg, Leadfarmer73, Gardening is My Passion. There are many more out there. Hope this helps!


From Stephanie R in Michigan:

I Buy my veggies whole then blend them up and put them in a ziplock and store in the freezer. I’ll add it to a soup or I'll cut them up and store them in a ziplock and put them in the fridge to eat them for a snack.

From Sharee Y in Wisconsin:

I chop all produce for 3-4 days of meals and refrigerate what will be used right away. The rest will be chopped/sliced/shredded and frozen in dated ziplock freezer bags, to be used in 2-4 weeks.

From Amy H in Kentucky:

After cutting up ur veggies, save the ends and skins in a ziplock bag and freeze. Then use them as u want to make broths for soup starters, gravies, or roasts or casseroles! U can even freeze the broths in ice cube trays then take out what you need as you need it! This also works with bones for bone broths! You can also can ur broths or use them as ur bases for canning to add flavor!

From Melissa L in Tennessee:

When you cook your vegetables, it is better to buy the frozen bulk bags of veggies it will last much longer than fresh. You can get out what you need for each meal then put the rest back in the freezer. Fresh frozen veggies have all the same nutrients as fresh without the chance of spoiling. It is best to steam your veggies if you want them tender. Boiling them takes all the nutrients out. A healthy way to tenderize your veggies and make them delicious is to lightly sautee them in a vegetable or olive oil and try seasoning with garlic and pepper. I like to add mushrooms!

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