Providers Tips: How to save money by meal planning

Most of the tips we get from the Providers community are excellent ideas about meal planning. From buying in bulk to freezing individual portions, here are some of the ways that meal planning has saved the Providers community time and money.

From Michelle in Oregon:

I have my meals planned for a month at a time. So I can do all of my food shopping in one trip to the grocery store. I break down my meats into meal packs and freeze them. I roll my hamburger flat to ensure quick even freezing and they stack neatly in my freezer.

From Angela in Alabama:

I stretch my EBT dollars by planning for multiple meals with the same protein but different sides. If we decide on something else I can always put the now prepared meat back in the freezer.

From Rach in Nevada:

Buy food in bulk and freeze for later use! Breads, fruits, veggies, dairy, cheese, beans, meats, etc. This is vital when we have to utilize the food pantry and the expiration dates are nearing. You can look online for a full list of foods that freeze well and how long they last.

From Amber in Missouri:

Pick a day of the week to make two or more hearty meals. Pull out the stockpot and crockpot that’s been collecting dust since you got them as a gift five Christmas’s ago. Portion in individual single-serving containers and freeze. You will have fast food faster and healthier in the comfort of your own home. So, no more running out in the frigid weather, layering on the wardrobe, burning up the petrol, missing out on your TV program, etc.

Do you have a money-saving tip to share with the Providers community? Send it in!

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