Federal Benefits Enrollment Authorization Agreement

By checking this box, I authorize Propel Inc., its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and assigns (“Propel”) on behalf of Sutton Bank, to transmit information about my Providers account to participating federal agencies to instruct such agencies to directly deposit government benefits into my Providers account. I acknowledge that this authorization may supersede existing direct deposit enrollments and that government benefits previously received into other bank accounts or sent to my address of record may now be received into my Providers account. I further acknowledge that if my Providers account is closed or if I wish to receive my benefits to a different account or location, I will be required to fill out a new direct deposit enrollment to receive government payments to a different account.

I am solely responsible for understanding and evaluating my eligibility for government benefits. By checking this box, I agree to comply with all applicable laws and warrant that I have provided accurate information to Propel, Sutton Bank and the relevant government agencies. I further certify that I am entitled to receive the government benefits requested.

Neither Propel nor Sutton Bank has any responsibility or liability for any act or omission of a government agency, including an agency’s decision as to whether or not to provide benefits to you or whether or not to accept a direct deposit enrollment request. I acknowledge that this direct deposit enrollment may be delayed, unsuccessful, or include some, but not all government payments and that, to the extent applicable, I may continue receiving government payments to an account or address other than my Providers account. I understand that I may verify the receipt of a direct deposit by reviewing the transactions in my Providers mobile app, and I can contact Providers via the number on the back of my card at any time to find out whether or not the deposit has been made.

If funds to which I am not entitled are deposited to my Providers Account, I authorize Propel to direct Sutton Bank to return such funds and I authorize Sutton Bank to act on Propel’s direction and to return such funds. I acknowledge that this authority shall remain in effect until Propel has received and has had a reasonable opportunity to act on a written notification from me of its termination.

I understand that it is important to notify any relevant federal agency and Propel if the beneficiary or I die or become legally incapacitated.

I understand that important information about the government payments will be sent to my home address and that I should notify the relevant federal agency of any change to my home address after Direct Deposit begins.

I understand that I can revoke this enrollment authorization at any time by notifying the relevant federal agency or by authorizing a new enrollment with another financial institution.