Introducing the Fresh Card by Propel

A fresh start for your finances.

The Fresh Card is here to save you time, stress, and money. We’re launching this debit card so you can track and budget your EBT spending and the rest of your money in one simple app.

  • More room on your phone; less time spent in apps. Manage all your spending in one app with instant access to your debit and EBT balances.
  • No overdrafting or fees. Forget about overdraft fears and monthly fee stress. The Fresh Card has no monthly fee, and you cannot overdraft.
  • No-fee ATM network. Avoid extra fees with the Fresh Card no-fee ATM network of 30,000+ ATMs nationwide.
  • Seamless and secure direct deposit. Easily set up direct deposit and get your paycheck or Social Security benefits up to 2 days early. It’s a safe and sure way to get your money when you need it.

Join the Fresh Card Waitlist

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Contact us: 1-833-585-3330 |

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