Why didn't I get a food stamp (EBT) deposit this month?

It's an awful experience to expect benefits deposited and then have them not come.

If you expected to get your food stamp (aka SNAP or EBT) deposit this month, but didn't, there are a few possibilities:

1. Check to see if you had a renewal or report due last month

The most common reason to miss an EBT deposit is having an annual renewal or periodic report (also called the semi-annual report, SAR-7) due and missing it.

The first thing to do if you missed a deposit is to log in to your state's online benefits portal (for example, BenefitsCal in CA, Access NYC in New York City, YourTexasBenefits in TX)

On your state's portal, look for a section called "Notices", also sometimes "Messages" or "Notifications."

If you had a renewal or report due last month, you should see a notice (letter) in there explaining what happened, and what to do next.

2. What if you had a renewal or report due, but didn't submit it?

If you have a notice showing you had a renewal or report due and you missed it, you may have to re-apply for benefits.

However, in some cases you can submit a report late and get your benefits restored. For example, in California, if you miss your 6-month SAR-7 report, but still submit it the next month, your county can restore your benefits.

If you have questions about what to do, call your state or county agency.

3. What if you did your renewal or report, but still didn't get benefits this month?

If you submitted a renewal or report last month, and didn't get your benefits this month, a few different things could be going on:

  • You could have missed the renewal interview: For annual renewals, most people are required to do an interview, usually by telephone. Did you submit a renewal but didn't do an interview? First, check your online portal for any notices (which will include next steps, like how to reschedule an interview.) You can also call your state or county agency to request an interview.
  • Your renewal could be missing documents: Check your state's online portal for a notice which might say they need you to upload some more documents, usually related to income verification.
  • You could no longer be eligible for benefits: If you submitted a renewal and did your interview, it's possible due to income or other changes that you are no longer eligible for benefits. Again, you should receive a notice in your online portal (and/or by mail) explaining why you are no longer eligible if this is the case.
  • Your state agency might be experiencing processing delays: Many SNAP agencies across the country are dealing with increased workload and also challenges with staffing. This is leading some to be delayed in processing annual renewals. The state has up to 30 days to process your renewal, so if you submitted things close to the end of the month, they may take up to 30 days to process. Unfortunately in some states it might take even longer. If it has been more than 30 days, contact your state or county agency to check on your case.

4. What if none of the above happened?

If nothing above applies to your situation, it could be that something more uncommon is happening with your case. For example, rarely states will change the date of the month that deposits are sent out for some people getting benefits. This can happen with IT system changes or for other reasons.

To figure out what is going on, options you have are:

  • Look in your state's online portal for any notices/messages
  • Call your state or county agency
  • Post on a forum like the /r/foodstamps Reddit to see if others in your state are experiencing an issue

If you have any feedback on this page or tips for other EBT recipients from your own experience dealing with a missed deposit, e-mail us here.