Why did I get an extra EBT deposit in April 2024? (Tennessee)
Updated: April 23, 2024
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A number of Providers App users in Tennessee reached out to us because they received an extra EBT deposit around April 20, 2024 and they wanted to know why.

Here's what's going on:

  • Tennessee DHS announced that some SNAP (food) and Families First (cash) recipients received May benefits early (source: TN OneDHS portal alert)
  • Based on Providers App data, we saw about half of the roughly 68,000 Tennessee Providers App users received their benefits early
  • If you received benefits early, you will not get an additional May deposit — so manage your EBT budget with that in mind!

We also put a notification to all Providers App users in Tennessee to make sure they were aware (and could manage their budgets accordingly!)

If you would find information about your EBT benefits like this helpful, consider downloading the Providers App — we serve more than 5 million people a month, and exist to make managing your benefits easier. We work hard to make sure our users know about things like this going on with their benefits.


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